Creativity Song

Hi everyone,

I have a special gift for you today. It has the potential of truly blessing you and supporting you in a new way to realize your dreams. It can help you enjoy life more, get out of your own way, and start creating more of what you want. As with anything, it will only work if you receive the gift and use it. So I challenge you to try it out in the privacy of your own home. Take it seriously, apply it, and tweak it as necessary so it maximally resonates with you.

It’s a song. You sing it to yourself. It’s also fun to sing it to your partner, kids, or grandkids if you have any. I am first going to show you all the words. Then I’ll provide some commentary on each line. Finally, there’s the song itself, both a recording and a score which you can play back in your browser.

Here are the words:

I lovingly embrace myself as a child of God.
I gently nurture the longings of my soul.
I welcome and act on the creative promptings of the Holy Spirit.
I outwardly express who I am for the sake of the world.
I easily tap into infinite creativity whenever I choose.

Now the commentary:

“I lovingly embrace myself as a child of God.”

Regardless of your beliefs or lack of beliefs about God, this is a statement that will support you. (Feel free to substitute “human being” for “child of God” if you like.) Because regardless of your your theory of the world, there’s no question that you are an amazing creature. Not only that, but you have the ability to be conscious of this fact! There’s no more appropriate response than love. Loving yourself is a prerequisite to truly loving others and to appreciating the magnificent world of which you’re a part. Singing this to yourself will help you believe it even more.

“I gently nurture the longings of my soul.”

As a human being, you have deep desires and dreams. Even if you’ve lost touch with what those are, that’s okay. They’re still there, latent, waiting to be acknowledged. This statement will help you listen to those longings, to gradually and gently shift toward honoring and realizing your truest desires.

“I welcome and act on the creative promptings of the Holy Spirit.”

When you get a sudden brilliant insight, when you wake up with the answer you were looking for—where do these thoughts come from? They seem to simply arrive, as if coming from the outside. Regardless of the mechanism, this experience of inspiration (literally, “breathing in” as “spirit” literally means “breath”) is something you can cultivate. The key is to act on your insights. Share them with others! If you get a sudden urge to say Hi to someone in the supermarket, or buy someone a gift, or write a poem, accept the inspiration and act on it! This will pave the way to more inspiration and the creation of beauty in your life.

“I outwardly express who I am for the sake of the world.”

You are a unique gift to the world. As you grow into your own potential and talents, other people will be profoundly blessed by your presence. If you don’t believe this, you will hide yourself and all the rest of us will miss out. But if you embrace it, then you’ll experience the joy of making a difference in someone’s life. “The scribbles in your journal are the words the world needs to hear.” (thanks, Joel McKerrow).

“I easily tap into infinite creativity whenever I choose.”

You are part of an amazing world. Every moment, every event is pregnant with possibility. Look at the manifold creativity of Nature—effortlessly and eternally growing into utterly beautiful forms and expressions of life. You are a part of this same creativity. Got that? Let it sink in. I’ll wait.

If you still don’t think of yourself as a creative person, please recognize that this is your choice. Studies have actually shown that the only reliable predictor of creativity in people is the belief that they’re creative people!

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, people are said to be made “in the image of God,” the Creator. That makes us little creators. Creativity is a part of our nature. It’s an essential aspect—perhaps the most essential aspect—of who we are. Worth cultivating and celebrating, don’t you think?

To the extent that you believe the affirmations in this song, your life will become more and more wonderful. Of course, you may need more than a song to start believing them. I’ve undergone a lot of suffering, a lot of which in hindsight seems to have been necessary. Letting go of self-doubt and other limiting beliefs can be a tough process. So you might need to do some work too. 🙂 But my hope is that you’ll use this song to support yourself at whatever stage of life you’re at. Maybe it will help you skip some unnecessary suffering or facilitate healing. Maybe it will help you appreciate the wonderful gift of life you already have today and each day you wake up again.

As I said before, change the song as necessary to make it your own. Let it start playing in the background of your mind so that your thoughts will start automatically supporting you even and especially when you’re not consciously thinking about it.

Finally, I release this song to the public domain. Please “Share” it with your friends and readers. If you know someone who would like to sing it, produce a recording of it, re-mix it, etc., by all means encourage them to do so!

Onto the next inspiration!

Musical score (to hear the tune, click the little Play button at the bottom left of the screen):

Audio of me singing it: