Give it all away?

What if you were so generous with your consciousness in every moment that you held absolutely nothing back? What if you gave no thought to the maintenance and management of your own identity? How much of the burning power of your presence could you give away right now? What if you gave it all away? Is this possible? Would you run out? What would it mean to give all of your attention to Life, in each and every moment? How far could you go in letting go? How far could you go in trusting Life? Is Life trustworthy? How would you know? How could you find out? Would you ever know the final answer? Would you ever stop having to trust? Are you willing to find out? Is LifeĀ forĀ you and not against you? If you answer “Yes,” how big a “Yes”? If you answer “Yes,” what other protection do you need? Why hold back at all? Why not give your whole life away, back to Life, which has your back? What will holding back do for you? What is it achieving for you now? What will it achieve for you in the end?

How tragic would it be if Life was always there for you, and you never found this out? If you chose to continue living in fear, burdened by the thankless, oppressive task of self-maintenance? What if, all along, self-maintenance was a completely futile and unnecessary job? What if freedom had been always available to you, had you only been willing to find out, one leap at a time? What leap can you take today? Is it safe to give your life away?