The fullness of Life

Dear friends,

If I were to die right now, my parting thought for you would be this. Life is more complete than you know. Though we would object and note how tragic such an “early departure” would be, the truth is that there are no early departures. At the heart of Reality is a pure fullness that can never be compromised. This fullness includes and encompasses every aspect of our lives. It is not just a theoretical thing. It is immensely practical. It can be directly experienced. Only it requires new eyes—the development of higher faculties of seeing and hearing and knowing. This is not beyond our reach. It is here for us right now. It is speaking to us in every moment. No matter who we are, we can get glimpses of this truth, and that can be enough to carry us through all our days. We can choose to cultivate this hope, this faith, and, ultimately, this knowing. We are all on a beautiful journey, and our lives are guaranteed to take us to our destination. All our needs are taken care of, and we could not be more deeply loved and cared for.

Your life is already full, and my hope and prayer for you now is that you would know that fullness, and that you would enjoy and be grateful for the great privilege of being alive. This knowledge of your completeness will then lead to a life of purpose, a life of wholeness, grace, and peace. For in needing nothing, you will have everything, and you will it have it to give to the world.

Good night,
Another grateful traveler