What is a mystic? (part 2)

A mystic is one who has been cut to the heart.

A mystic is one who has tasted her own blood and kept it in her mouth long enough for it to start tasting delicious.

A mystic is one who has caught sight of something so raw and so holy that he threw all caution to the wind so he could run after it.

A mystic is one who has cursed God and survived.

A mystic has been gripped by her deepest fear and has been ravished in ecstasy by an invisible Pursuer.

A mystic has seen his own corpse and saw that it still moved.

A mystic knows both aching loneliness and blissful communion, sometimes feeling both at the same time.

A mystic craves the fires of hell that they might burn away from her heart what still does not beat for her Beloved.