Fulfilling your purpose

You are here for a purpose. Else you would not be here. You can take the fact of your existence as proof that you were meant to be. Even if you aren’t aware of what that purpose is, you are already fulfilling it. You can trust that this is true, no matter how old you are. If you’ve never contemplated what your purpose is, that too does not matter. What matters is that you are here now, reading these words.

Whatever your level of current awareness, this is your chance to reflect on why you are alive today at this time and place. Remember: this is not a question of whether your life matters. It does. Instead, it is simply an opportunity to look at your life and notice two things: what role you have played and what role you have yet to play. This can include conventional measures of success, such as your career accomplishments, but please don’t think it’s limited to that. Focus on the impact you have had on other people’s lives, whether you judge such effects to be positive or negative. You may have even hurt someone. As difficult as it is to hear, even that was meant to be. You may not see the purpose in it from your limited perspective, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was purposeful.

As you look forward to what role you have yet to play, ask yourself: What role do I want to play? What do I desire the most? These are the most important questions, because, all along, your purpose has been encoded in the desires of your heart, the longings of your soul. This is your chance to become more conscious of them.

This is not about figuring out the rest of your life, though your mind may love that idea. No, it’s about how you will live your life today. Your purpose is already there and it is already being fulfilled, so you don’t have to manufacture anything. Instead, all you have to do is pay attention today to your deepest desires. What would I love to do today? Trust that by taking small, conscious steps toward what you most want, you will find your way. You will find your way to a new sense of purpose that you can feel. Not only will you continue to fulfill your purpose, but your purpose will begin fulfilling you.

You don’t even need to name your purpose. It may even be better if you don’t. Think of this as a new way of life. You can begin today. Answer the calling on your heart today, follow the lead of what inspires you today. The bigger picture of your soul’s mission will begin to emerge with time, but this is where it starts, and this is where it stays: today. What role do you want to play today?