“Just take the first step. God will take you the rest of the way.” I’ve been learning to truly trust that when I awake, put my heels on the floor, and grab my pen and notepad, words will be there, waiting to flow from my pen. The more I experience this, the more my faith grows. I usually have no idea what I’m going to be writing about. All I know is that, when I first sit down, two or three words will come to me. Then I will faithfully write them down not even knowing how the sentence will end. But without fail, every time, the words do come and the sentence is completed and the next sentence comes more quickly, and so on. I love the term “co-creation,” because that’s what this really feels like. First, I show up. Then, God faithfully shows up giving me just a few words. Then I complete the sentence—in a sense, taking it from there. It is so freeing not to have to think about what I’m going to write. All I have to do is show up.

This makes sense, you know. If God is always with us and always living within us, then we have 24/7, immediate access to inspiration. To see this truth for ourselves, we need only believe it. Once we do start to believe and do start to see it, it’s the most natural thing in the world to consciously connect to that Source and draw on its infinite power and creativity.

This isn’t limited to “creative” pursuits either. God provides inspiration not just to write or to paint but also to live and to work and to eat and to sleep. God’s presence, after all, is what enables us to do any of these things. But when we’re conscious of that fact and choose to listen, trust, and follow that deeper wisdom, that’s when we say we are “inspired.”

At one level, we can’t not be inspired. Every breath we take is God breathing into us. But when we realize this and relax into the freedom of the Higher Power that sustains us—when we go with the flow and stop doubting it or trying to fight it—that’s when life becomes beautiful and effortless and winsome and sweet-smelling. We become “the pleasing aroma of Christ…that brings life.” (2 Corinthians 2:15,16) Others are drawn to the Love that naturally flows through us, and we ourselves become “a letter from Christ…written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.” (2 Corinthians 3:13)