Manifesto of personal responsibility

My name is Evan Lenz. I am here to live the truest expression of who I am. I am here to direct my life in accordance with the will of the One who sent me.

I use any and all means to guard my heart and keep me at peace. I have been given a fast and constantly moving mind. It is thus my responsibility to be a good steward of this gift—to harness its power and continually realign it with my true nature.

I am responsible for remembering the One from whom I came and acknowledging the One who now lives within me—the One who made the decision to be here at this time and place and under these circumstances. The Great I AM lives within me. I thus already have everything I could possibly need to fulfill all the purposes for which I was created. I am responsible to bring this perspective and this knowing into every arena of my life, utilizing all the powers I have been given—mental, physical, emotional, environmental—to perform the will of God. It is impossible for God to be a victim. God apportions exactly the resources that are needed to accomplish each task. Any perception of lack or limitation is an illusion. To complain is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit.

I am here to step out in faith, taking action when action is appropriate. I have been given clear faculties of mind and a clear understanding of my duties in any given moment or season. It is thus my job to act accordingly. This is the only perspective needed: God knows what God is doing. To question this is to squander the life I have been given. To demand more clarity or understanding when next actions are already clear is to fight against nature and to fight against God. I am not here to fight against God. I am here to live the life God has given me. I am here to trust that, as I take each step, God will reveal the next one to me. I am here to rest in the flow of life—which includes all the intense planning, thinking, and physical activity that Life gives occasion to and makes a way for. I am fully equipped for and happily rise to the challenge of living the life I was created to live.