Learning to love my challenges?!

I had plenty of time to get to my retreat in western Massachusetts. I had flown into Boston the night before and after a relaxing morning at my hotel, it was checkout time. Having spent my last few bucks on a tip, I needed to get some cash for the I-90 “Masspike” tollway.

Three unsuccessful attempts at the hotel’s ATM?! No problem, I’ll just find another one on Google Maps.

Road closed?! No problem, I’ll just go back to the hotel for directions.

Bank missed by a mile?! No problem, I’ll just turn around.

No parking?! No problem, I’ll just park a little ways down the road.

Debit card expired 4 days ago?! No problem, I’ve got another card.

Wrong turn after the tunnel?! No problem, I’ll just exit and turn around.

One-way sign on a two-way street?! No problem, I’ll just turn anyway.

Flashing police car lights in front of me?! No problem, he must not mean me…right? Bye, Mr. Officer.

Deep anxiety over what I just did and thoughts of getting arrested?! No problem, I’ll just stop thinking about it.

Finally find I-90 but go East instead of West?! No problem, we all make silly mistakes like that sometimes.

Bathroom door at Dunkin’ Donuts won’t open?! No problem, learn the secret technique from a friendly local: pull, turn, then pull again.

Two hours later and still in Boston with lingering fears of incarceration?! PROBLEM!!!

Lord, you’ve got me. I give up. I have my limits. I’m still human. I’m not so “with it” after all. Thank you for reminding me. Spiritual awakenings notwithstanding, I’m still the guy whose college roommate‘s sister matter-of-factly identified as a “re-re.” (What exactly does that mean again, Greg?!)

In the end, my wife told me I was being silly and convinced me over the phone not to turn myself in to the local police station. I made it to my destination, nicely tenderized for a divinely orchestrated weekend with Tama Kieves. My challenges perfectly suit me to realize my potential—even and perhaps especially when I lose faith in that affirmation.